The courier industry has grown exponentially, especially since the start of the pandemic, when more and more consumers turned to online shopping. How easy is it to send a package through a leading courier? Well, it could hardly be any simpler than it is and with that in mind, here is the process outlined.

Start With A Google Search

Sourcing a same day courier is easy with a Google search and when you find a provider that seems to fit the bill, registering only takes a few minutes. Once you are an account holder, you are good to go and you will receive a quote within minutes using their website. Once the details are agreed upon, the provider will send a suitable vehicle to collect the package, which usually happens within minutes, as real-time online communication informs the driver who is closest to you. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, you simply order the delivery from the provider’s website and that’s all there is to it!

Easy To Compare Prices

If you think the price quoted is a little on the high side, simply search for other providers, which can be done using a search engine. Most courier service in Perth or anywhere else in the world are very similarly priced, with same day deliveries costing a little more than the regular service, while regular customers might receive a slight discount, depending on the courier.

GPS Tracking

As soon as you’ve placed the order, you will be issued with a GPS number and all you need to do is paste that code into the website, click on search and the system will tell you where the package is at any given time. With this service, there is no longer a need to call the courier to enquire about the delivery, as you can find out yourself in no time at all!

Same Day Delivery

Every courier service offers same day delivery, which would be more expensive than non-urgent delivery, but there are times when it is necessary to have the shipment delivered in a timely manner. To be able to offer such a service, the courier would need to have extensive resources, with a large fleet of vehicles and numerous depots, while for long-distance deliveries, air freight is always an option, as is rail and sea transportation. If you are sending a package to another state, it might be difficult to arrange same day delivery, depending on the distance involved.

Secure Online Payment

Once the delivery has been made, there are numerous online payment gateways that you can use. Regular customers would be account holders who are billed every fortnight or month, depending on the courier. The provider is usually very flexible regarding payment and might even offer you a line of credit. Once your package has been delivered, you are notified by email, giving you times, dates and the location of the recipient.

Many small businesses rely on local courier services and all it takes to find the nearest to you is a Google search.