Scrap brass is considered an unwanted by-product of various manufacturing processes. It can be found in various industrial, cooking and residential applications.

Scrap brass buyers will offer an economic alternative to throwing the items in the trash. There’s surprisingly a huge scrap metal market that would want your items.

Cleaning Brass

You may want to clean your own scrap brass before placing it for sale. A clean cloth will not do the trick in cleaning and removing the debris, so a scraping process must be used to dispose of the unwanted brass.

You may remove rust on your brass jewellery items, for example, and clean the pieces using a cleaner that is specifically designed to remove tarnish and dirt. You can find cleaners that contain acid or alkaline, which will help to restore your brass to its former glory. Be sure to use a mild cleaner, as a strong cleaner can permanently dull and damage your precious metal pieces.

The most cost-effective way to clean brass is through using pure water and rinsing with a commercial-grade, vegetable oil-based lemon juice and club soda solution. A wire mesh strainer is needed to gather the debris before cleaning, as it allows you to collect the entire clump without touching the other surfaces. This can be accomplished by submerging the wire mesh in the bucket of lemon juice and club soda solution overnight. The next day, rinse the wire mesh with plain water and allow it to air dry completely.

Selling Scrap Brass

Image Source: Pexels

The best way to sell scrap brass is through dealers who specialise in salvaged goods. There are those that offer cash for brass scrap in Sydney, and you may even be able to find ones in your area. The pieces you have may need to be cleaned and refinished, but this should not be too difficult to accomplish.

There are also local hardware and grocery stores that offer a recycling program and are happy to receive your brass scraps. You can place an advertisement offering your scrap brass products for sale, along with a short description of the piece and a contact number. Recyclers will evaluate the brass pieces, clean them, and then offer to sell them at a fair price.

When you sell scrap brass, it’s important to note that most refiners do not accept returnable pieces. They also will not accept tarnished or damaged items. Therefore, you must keep the receipts for all purchases to ensure that you receive the cash you sell.

One of the easiest ways to sell scrap brass is through a metal recycling company. They will haul away your unwanted pieces and reprocess them into a product that you can sell. To save even more money on your cash for scrap deals, consider having your scrap materials recycled by a third-party company. Some recyclers will take the loose brass tubing that can be formed into bracelets, watches, and other jewellery items and re-use it in other projects. Taking care of your scrap metal has never been easier!