Has anyone noticed that it’s even more expensive to go on a diet than it is to just eat what we normally do every day? Why is it so backwards when we are supposedly eating less? That should make us spend less, right?

I find it a little unfair that the healthier food and those products that specifically are meant for diet are a certain percentage more costly than the average food. Like those that are low in fat or something. So now you have to spend a lot just to thin down?

Do you see how backwards this is?

Well I’m not going to fall for that anymore. In any case, the best way to thin down isn’t to spend so much money on diet food that don’t even taste all that good anyway. It’s eating normally without skipping any meals while minimising you’re sugar-intake.

Avoiding Sugar

This is the bad guy in our diet. Sugar is going to make us fat if we keep eating any food that has it. This means we all should avoid eating sweet food and drinks if we plan on thinning down.

That also means you no longer should be wasting your money buying things like cake, ice cream, any sweetened pastries, fruit juices, soft drinks and so on. You should know the amount of sugar a certain food has if you check the nutrition value on the back.

Your breakfast in this case, should NOT have any pancakes or bacon (because it has a LOT of oil and a certain amount of sugar in it). Eating egg and maybe a salad is fine. Lucky for all of us, chicken is okay to eat, as well as other types of meat that are high in protein. As long as they aren’t cooked with so much oil and sugar, you will be fine.

Controlling Your Portions and Limiting What You Eat

There are a lot of ways for you to get a filling meal without you having to eat two times as much as a normal human should be. You could forgo half of the meat in exchange of brown rice. No more heaping of mashed potatoes. Eating meat with a side of fruits and vegetables can be filling and healthy too. Drinks should only be tea (unsweetened, though honey is allowed), black coffee without any cream and sugar, or plain water.

These drinks are cheaper than the usual juices, smoothies or sodas that we all would usually go for. So not only are you helping your body get healthier and fit, you are also saving a huge percentage of your money by limiting what you eat. My personal tip, if your portion-control is still not enough to satiate you, is to drink water. A LOT of water. Drinking a lot of water before meals and then right after the meals is part of what we call The Water Diet. It helps get rid of fat and clean your insides up thoroughly. Try it and you won’t regret it. Though, I have to warn you that you will end up hating water for an entire year if you try this for 2 months.