The one mistake that desperate dieters make is skipping meals. This does more damage to their body than they think because our bodies need food for nutrients and so it can keep going. It also makes our system function well. So all that fat stored up in you? They aren’t going anywhere if you skip meals all the time. You need to eat proper food to get them going and so you can get rid of the unwanted stuff that’s been festering inside your body.

Don’t go into crash diets or start skipping meals. That’s bad for your health and you’re not losing weight that way. That’s like a double-whammy for you.

Eat Three Times A Day

First of all, people that skip meals tend to either get sick or just be really weak during the day. Sometimes they can’t help but skip meals, like breakfast, because of their busy schedules and have no time to eat anything. They tend to just drink coffee or tea in the morning, which is sometimes fine, but it also kind of isn’t.

You can drink coffee, tea and water and nothing else. Don’t drink anything particularly sugary, like juices or sodas. Milk also should be limited but never forget to eat breakfast. There’s a reason why people call it the most important meal of the day. When we sleep, that’s basically us skipping a meal too, since the last time we’ve eaten was like 8 hours before breakfast. It’s BREAKFAST because you are breaking your fast. Get some protein into your system so your brain starts working, as well as the rest of your insides. They help move things along.

Food To Eat

  • Meat (chicken, pork, lamb and beef). Ones that are unprocessed.
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Potatoes

Food To Avoid

  • Sugar. Anything that has a lot of it. If you can’t avoid sugar since it’s most likely in our everyday food too, try to limit it as much as possible or eat a healthier version of the food you normally eat.
  • Anything with flour.
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Artificial sweeteners. Go for honey if you can’t eat anything that isn’t sweet.
  • Processed food
  • Oil

On another note, as much as it might hassle you, count your calorie intake. Everything we shop form the groceries has a list on its back about its nutritional facts. You can find anything with calorie and carbs on them. It’s best if the food you chose to eat has less calories but has a lot of dietary fibre. If the food helps you poop a lot, then it’s good. Sweating and pooping is proof that you are losing weight. And since we don’t want to exercise, it’s best if we poop a lot to count for not sweating.