Stoked about 2020? Well, don’t get too excited, we’re only half-way through 2019. That gives us an ample amount of time to save money for a vacation FOR 2020.

That’s a new year and a new time to get started on your own trips. It’s about time that you get out there yourself and actually leave the country to get a glimpse of everywhere else. For instance, have you been to at least one country in Asia? Europe? Africa? If not, then it’s about time that you start to think about actually going. So you have something to brag to your friends and family. Unless you plan to take them with you then that’s cool too.

For year 2020, there are countries that ought to be visited. Ideally, you should make sure that you cross out your bucket list once you get to these countries.


Bhutan is known for being a carbon-negative country. By the time 2020 rolls by, it’s going to become the first organic country so make sure you visit this mini Himalayan paradise during that time.


If you think England is amazing and beautiful today, it’s going to be even better in 2020, when they continue to open more sections by the England Coast Path.

North Macedonia

With new flight routes to Lake Ohrid and the new High Scardus Trail, a lot of the adventure junkies are going to want to visit North Macedonia, especially now that it is renamed as such from its previous Macedonia.


Welcome to Sunrise City, where they are working on getting new home-sharing accommodation and other experiences for all of us to enjoy. By the time 2020 hits, this place will be booming and you better not get left behind.

eSwatini (Swaziland)

For the ones who are looking forward to the wildlife side of things, welcome to eSwatini. Don’t miss out on the formerly Swaziland as this has become one of the ideal destinations for the year 2020.

Costa Rica

There is nothing more natural and pure than Costa Rica. It boasts itself on the natural wilderness with its sleepy forests and animals that roam around in it. If you want something like a jungle adventure in all its natural-ness, Costa Rica should be in your bucket list.

The Netherlands

You can’t miss out on The Netherlands nest year. They are going to celebrate their 75th year of freedom since World War 2, not to mention the events that follow it during April and May.


A mystery to most of us, Liberia is a place that had halted deforestation to keep all their natural preciousness safe. Witness the wild animals in their natural habitat during one of your vacations here!


Attractions, lodgings and restaurants are available to you during the year 2020! From the beautiful city’s infrastructure to the hills that you could escape to if crowds are too much. Make sure this is on your list of places to travel for 2020.