What is the one thing that’s hard to maintain while in university? Grades? Yes, definitely, no doubt about it. What about the second thing that’s hard to maintain? A life, yes that too is the correct answer. The third thing that’s hard to maintain, spoiler alert, is your sanity, by the way.

With all of that being juggled day in and day out in four years or more, your health tends to get dodgy. By which I mean you probably rely too much on unhealthy yet quick food just to get by and it’s the reason why a lot of university students look like zombies every day. The sad thing is that we can’t help it. With the looming threat of college debt hidden behind the stress and demand of school, not only is it just easy to say ‘whatever’ on instant noodles and a can of soda, the temptation to just poison yourself on alcohol every night makes every morning just as horrible too. How can we even TRY to be healthy with all of these in our faces?

Here is how.

Eat a good breakfast

NEVER skip breakfast. Just coffee isn’t enough. Make sure that you get your protein so you don’t feel miserable and hungry for the rest of the gruesome day. Even if it’s just one hardboiled egg in the morning.

Choose wisely when eating fast food

We can’t help it if we have no choice but to eat fast food. It happens. But if you’re going to eat them, choose which joint you go and what food to eat. Keep it healthy, yeah?

Keep healthy snacks on hand

We get hungry during the weirdest times of the day. Snack on healthy food instead of junk. Like fruits.

Calcium-filled food should be priority

This is to avoid getting osteoporosis later in life. While you’re still young, store up on a lot of milk.

Lose weight sensibly (if you want to lose weight)

We can’t help but be insecure during a time where all we do is look at our notes all night with no exercise at all. If you’re going to try to diet or lose weight, don’t overdo it. You’ll endanger yourself.

Limit the sugar intake

Be careful with what you eat if they’re packing way too much sugar.

Don’t ignore the dining hall salad bar

You need to at least get some greens in you. How else will you flush out all the grease out of your body?

Limit the alcohol

Try to cut that down to a healthier amount.

Water. LOTS of water

Keep yourself dehydrated at ALL times.

ENJOY the food you’re forced to eat

Since we can’t do anything about it, we might as well enjoy the food.

All it takes for something good to happen is a little change. While you’re still suffering through school until you graduate, you still should make a little effort to make yourself healthy. Enjoy what you eat and do, yes, but discipline also should be practiced.