It’s winter season! Did you know it’s finally winter season? Because it’s winter season and it’s exciting! There are so many vacation and travel opportunities, so many fun stuff to do and so many friends to meet again. A lot of amazing countries around the world actually light up and gets trending because of the season they specialise in. and because of that, it is the perfect opportunity to go out there and bask in the winter wonder. It only happens once a year, you know?

…albeit for 3 whole months, but still.

So what are the fun stuff to do during this winter?

View the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is one of the best attractions in Norther Europe. If you want to see the magic that the sky does on certain occasions – especially this winter — then you better go see them for yourself. Camp under the stars and prepare for the cold. The colourful night sky will comfort you and make you believe that magic exists.

Go sledding

The typical thing to do when there is snow. Yes, very basic doesn’t it? But have you actually tried doing it? Have you actually gone out there sledding with your friends and family? If you haven’t then you better go do it while there is still snow for the next 2 months. If not, then you might have to wait for a whole year to try again.

Soak in an outdoor hot pool

Soaking in hot water while the outside is super cold feels like actual heaven on earth, mark my words. Go outside and get into the heated pool while the atmosphere is still freezing. Be careful not to get a cold though.

Visit a tourist hot-spot

Visit a hot-spot that is particularly booming during the winter season. Sure, it’ll probably be crowded but if it’s famous then it has to be good for something. Besides, that can be something to brag about later on. Not to mention you could finally cross something out of your bucket list. Tourist hot-spots are there for people who want to fill up their bucket lists with something that is hard to get to but not impossible.

Go ice-fishing

You’ve probably seen this kind of fishing before from cartoons or movies. I certainly saw it in cartoons when I was a kid. It’s when a hole is dug into a thick layer of ice above a frozen lake. You put your fishing pole over it and the line and hook goes into the water. It’s a classic thing to do during the cold and while it’s freezing, it’s another added few points for a winter vacation.

Take a winter sun holiday

If you live somewhere up north where it’s snowing all the time, maybe ditch the cold and go for a sunny winter vacation instead. Go to a country that has no winter whatsoever and experience a summer-esque winter instead. Warm beaches and hot weather is common in those countries.